Last April, we were partners of the VIP Festival in Venice.
Away from the gondolas and hustle and bustle of Saint Mark's Square, we headed for the secret island of San Servolo.
There, we spent an incredible 3 days, during which we had 17 workshops led by professional photographers as they captured the Serenissima.


Oliviero Toscani

Do You Have Something to Say?
A leading authority in modern photography, he offers his offbeat vision of photography, with a focus on intention and storytelling. As an impactful advertising photographer, he challenges codes and encourages reflection.

Laurent Dequick

Venice by Smartphone
Laurent Dequick never hesitates to juxtapose, superimpose, or inlay shots. He interweaves the same intensity into photographs representing architectural ensembles, traffic routes, and people.

Lia Mstislavskaya

Timeless Women
A rather secretive and fiercely independent individual, she is best known for her portraits, most often of women. Lia Mstislavskaya likes to say that her photographs are "just like a bar: you will always find cigarettes, wine, and women!”

Serge Ramelli

Spectacular Venice
Serge Ramelli has had a passion for images ever since he was a child. His inquisitive and creative mind constantly pushes him to discover new techniques, both photographic and digital, to better transcribe the grandeur of urban landscapes.

Olivier Follmi

The Photography of the Third Eye
Franco-Swiss photographer Olivier Follmi travelled to Zanskar, a Tibetan valley in India, where he met two children of Himalayan farmers whom he offered to school. He then created a photographic report on their lives together.

Vutheara Kham

A Unique Vision of Venice
As a French Instagrammer with a million followers, VuThéara Kham had never handled a camera before becoming the influential figure he is today thanks to his smartphone. In 2015, he became a full time professional photographer.

New artists present at the VIP

Arthur Hubert Legrand

Nudity in Venice
Originally drawn to cinema, Arthur Hubert Legrand quickly turned to photography. The art of photography proved to be a genuine eye-opener for him, particularly through its instinctive nature. His series reveals his sensitivity, highlighting the female body with subtlety.

Alan Schaller

Black & white
Alan Schaller is a leading force in urban photography. Always ready to capture moments of spontaneous beauty, his style mixes abstraction, surrealism, and geometry in compositions chronicling the diversity of human life.

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