This September, Yellowkorner helps you to discover its Top 5 artists specialising in portraiture. These five photographers each have their own style and approach to portrait photography.
Through the lens of our photographers, you’ll discover portraits portraits of men and women in colour and black-and-white.
The portrait is a more or less true-to-life representation of a person. The photographer’s relationship with their model must be an integral part of the creative process, so as to share with the spectator the emotion the photograph generates.
There are various kinds of shots for portraits, including four that are particularly frequent:
1. The full-length portrait consists of photographing a person in their entirety, from head to toe.
2. The American portrait frames the models at mid-thigh.
3. The bust portrait represents a figure from the middle of the chest to the head, without the hands. The face thus takes pride of place within the frame.
4. The close-up is a framing of part of the body, usually the face, in order to show the spectator each of the person’s traits.

Damien Dufresne

Working as a professional make-up artist for the past thirty years, Damien Dufresne has always practised photography and has taken photographs of his make-up designs for several years now. His photographs are among YellowKorner’s best-sellers, given how impressive the results are, with all of their complexity, technicity, and beauty. Damien Dufresne’s approach is unique in that it is situated at the point of intersection between make-up, body art, artistic direction, and photography. For him, portraiture is a way of best reflecting character and perceiving greater emotion. His vision? To paint faces, invent characters, create different skin textures, and above all, play on texture, layering, and colour.


« I let my hands do the talking: my work is instinctive, intuitive. »

Lee Jeffries

Born in the United Kingdom, Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester and constantly travels to major Western cities to meet people living in the streets whose nobility he strives to capture. The homeless thus become the sole subjects of his black-and-white portraits . Each image is the result of a long discussion with each of them, a privileged moment that enables him to establish a real connection. There is a spiritual resonance to his work, achieved through his unique use of light and shade.

« Emotion is in the eyes.. »


Tatiana Gerusova is a fashion photographer and portraitists with an affirmed style. Born in Russia, she expressed an interest in photography from childhood. Her pin-up touch has inundated fashion magazines, occupied galleries the world over, and even won over the Guess brand, with whom she collaborates, showcasing the sensuality and eroticism of women from one advertising campaign to the next. Photographing both in colour and black-and-white, Tatiana Gerusova takes featuring photography women to a new level, highlighting the personality of her female models. Provocation thus become the dominant factor of her work.


At just 30 years of age, Frenchman

Nicolas Guérin

passed from the world of cinema to that of photography. This conversion did not however prevent him from continuing to rub shoulders with the stars of the seventh art throughout his career. He has a large collection of photographs of celebrities . When he is not creating portraits, he is also a fashion photographer, working for the international press on magazine covers. Passionate about his career, he roams the world, capturing new images. He later decided to collaborate with K, a young French artist, and thus became Guerin XK . Photographs by Nicolas Guérin are completed by plays of texture (paint, collage, felt, marker pens, etc.) then printed.


b>Alfredo Sanchez abandoned his career to devote himself to his passion: photography. He embarked on an intensive and complete course in digital photography. So he now offers us his original and extraordinary vision of the world. Bewitching, his portraits are meticulously thought out to create moments of pure utopia. Each of his shots are a melting pot of colours, textures, and beauty. His goal? To draw attention to the wonders of the world, highlighting the extraordinary element that resides in each ordinary life. All of his collections are based on an idea that is designed and developed, predefining the storyand atmosphere of each artwork.

« Perfect art is inaccessible, but the path to perfection is the one we should appreciate. »

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