As an official partner of Photoclimat, YellowKorner is fully committed to the upcoming biennial social and environmental event, designed to harness the power of images to raise awareness and encourage dialogue on climate issues.

As part of this commitment to social and environmental responsibility, YellowKorner has teamed up with Nicolas Henry, the founder of Photoclimat, to showcase his captivating series "Le tour d'un monde", specially created to celebrate Emmaüs' 70th anniversary.


A versatile artist, Nicolas Henry weaves his talents between photography, the visual arts, and stage direction. His work combines portraiture, theatre, and installation to form dreamlike worlds. His projects have taken him all over the world, both documenting and accompanying celebrities such as Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

After several successful exhibitions and publications such as "Les cabanes de nos grands-parents" and "Contes imaginaires autour du monde - World's in the making”, Nicolas Henry launched his eco-conceived photography festival in 2021 to raise awareness on environmental issues and highlight the work and investment of dozens of NGOs.

Around the world

" As children, tree houses are a haven for play and imagination. A blanket becomes an ocean, and a few books can transform into islands populated by Papuans and Robinson Crusoe."

Notre Dame en feu

Married couple Davit and Natia fled Georgia, which had become too dangerous for the young family, their son Luka was only 2 months old when they arrived in France. For a time, they lived in their car near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, before joining the Emmaus community in Clermont-Ferrand in 2018. It was during a shop sale that Natia's water broke from her second pregnancy. Too far from a hospital, Lucy was born at the heart of the Emmaüs community and became, in a way, the child of all its members.