"The world is a better place with Allure"

Communicating Allure, unveiling it, promoting it: that's Peugeot's commitment. However, Peugeot believes that Allure is a story that can best be told by artists. That's why Peugeot has teamed up with YellowKorner and invited five photographers to capture the Allure at the heart of life, using the unique power of images. A way of sharing an optimistic vision of the future.

"Peugeot believes that the world is a better place with Allure. . In other words, Peugeot believes that future should be imagined with style, creativity, and ambition, following a human-centred approach. Allure is at the heart of Peugeot's identity, both now and in the future. This notion of Allure is much more than the expression of remarkable design. It's also a state of mind, an attitude, and behaviour that extends far beyond mere appearances."


The five photographers and their themes

"Finding Allure through Colour" - Teresa Freitas

"The Lion's Allure" - Laurent Baheux

"The pride of Allure" - Mister Fifou

"Feminine Allure" - Laurence Laborie

"The Landscape of Allure" - Oliviero Toscani