Daniel Metz


YellowKorner invites you to discover an emblematic artist of landscape photography: Daniel Metz. Passionate about architecture and urban environments, his work, centred on these themes, pays very special attention to perspective, lighting, colour, and image definition. In this conversation, Daniel Metz shares the primary intention of his photographs, available in numbered limited edition at your local YellowKorner gallery and on YellowKorner.com.

Why photography?

Sight is the sense that brings me the most pleasure. More than taste, hearing, or touch. Photography, even if it is a reduction of a real scene, can sometimes provide strong visual sensations.

Your inspiration (artistically, in particular)?

My approach is to find in landscape photography the right balance between realism and the idealisation of reality. The search for an ideal photo is an endless quest. My best photograph is the one I would’ve loved to have taken.

"I strive above all to create photos that are as faithful as possible to the perceived reality, so that the spectator can experience the same fascination I feel in the face of the harmony and grandeur of nature"

The context of creation of this series?

In the Chinese series, even though the beauty of the landscapes is often enough to take beautiful photos, it was important to me to encourage the presence of local inhabitants, so as to include aspects of Chinese culture and civilisation.

Do you have an anecdote to share with us?

For the photo Guilin Scenery, I had to enter a strictly prohibited military area that is off limits to the public in order to photograph the most beautiful sugar loaves in this region. I was stopped for questioning by the military police and held in custody for half a day. The colonel of the zone told me that in this case, the normal procedure was a thorough verification of my intentions, corresponding to a detention of a minimum of two years. However, by the end of the afternoon, having managed to convince him that my only motivations were artistic, I was authorised to take the bus to Guilin. The soldier had taken the memory card out of my camera to confiscate it. Fortunately, it was a high quality camera with two memory cards (one as a back-up).

The photo that you would love to have taken? Your favourites among the YK collection?

It’s a photo that’s in my head and that might be taken one day…

Among photographic fields that I don’t master myself, I’m impressed by the work of Pan Yue and Bobby Vu.

Your most recent award / finest achievement? Your upcoming projects?

I’m most proud of the fact that I returned to China to find a very poor, old fisherman who had been the subject of one of my photos and give him a share of the proceeds from that photo.

My next project is to go to Hong Kong and climb the steep northeastern hills to take a panoramic photograph.

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