Vassilis Pitoulis and Arthur Hubert-Legrand break free from the constraints of colour through their compositions, focusing on the ample shapes of these highly glamorous images. Vassilis Pitoulis' work is close to the world of fashion, from which he emerged, while at the same time allowing bodies a freedom of movement that provides a delicious lightness to his compositions.

There are a thousand and one ways to pay homage to the female body. For Arthur Hubert-Legrand, it is in the unexpected that magic happens. There is no more unique setting than a Parisian rooftop, the French postcard par excellence, to shoot models in playmate outfits. Whether it's an invitation to travel and relax in the sun on the one hand, or urban exploration and fantasy on the other, let yourself be whisked away to a space full of calm, beauty, luxury, and voluptuousness.


Vassilis Pitoulis is a photographer born in Greece who mainly grew up in Bologna, Italy, and now works in Paris, France. He started a career as a fashion photographer in the late eighties. It was after a serious health issue that he decided to give himself some time away from everyday commissions and embark on a more artistic career.

Fond of playing with shadows and light, he mainly photographs in black and white, with a few exceptions in colour. He celebrates his feminine ideal in his photos: beauty, elegance, and mischievousness.

“Women are my main source of inspiration. My models are elegant, beautiful yet fearless and bold: there is nothing they can’t do!”


First attracted by film, Arthur Hubert Legrand soon turned to photography. More instinctive to his taste, the eighth art was a true revelation. His camera accompanied him in his early days, visiting the natural settings of the wild Breton coastline near Nantes, then followed him to Paris, where he moved to at the age of 28. His work then took a new turn.

Fashion photography, nudes, portraits… Urban contexts inspire him as much as the superstars he admires, including Lindbergh, Newton, Avedon, Kubrick, or Chaplin. Each of his series reveal a sensibility unique to the artist, subtly emphasising the female body.

“I seek to create iconic images, and I love simplicity. The rooftops of Paris are an alibi: a kind of desert in which I can peacefully take photographs of extraordinary women.”