Thierry Geoffroy


Thierry Geoffroy has been passionate about photography from a very young age. He started around 10 years old and received his first traditional camera at 13. His first experience as a professional photographer was in the schools, which left him disappointed because he couldn’t give his creativity free reign. He changed professions and left professional photography for a few years. Today he is back, “giving himself the opportunity to live his passion.” He particularly likes subjects involving nature and playing with closeups and colours, portraits, and more recently, abstract art. In any case, he hopes to pass on his emotions: “What interests me the most, is creating: starting from nothing, I love creating worlds that are close to real or completely unreal which are able to convey an emotion.” More than rhetoric or an analysis of an image, he prefers allowing each individual to interpret the image as he or she wishes, explaining: “For me the photo is the souvenir of a past moment that has very little possibility of being reproduced identically.”  ... See more See less

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