Who is Izuky Pérez ?

Former computer teacher, Izuky Pérez, one day discovered retouching software. This marked the beginning of an electrifying artistic adventure for the young photographer. Committed to showcasing the treasures of his surroundings to the world, he never hesitates to saturate colour and force contrasts.

He succeeds in capturing the abundant beauty of his island in the hopes of slowing down the passage of time. Keeping Cuba alive - hasta siempre.

Cuba, Siempre !

Cuba can take us on a journey through time. Simply take a look at Havana-based Cuban photographer Izuky Pérez's work: American cars from the 1950s sit alongside graffiti in homage to Che Guevara amid an eclectic architecture steeped in its colonial past.

Havana, with its architecture, colours, and music... Get ready to feel transported straight into Cuba. Izuky Pérez's photographs offer a unique slant on revolutionary history and the colonial past.

“I would like people who see my city to admire the beauty of old things and in many cases destroyed by time.”