Italian artist Cristina Coral no longer needs an introduction. Her work has illustrated the most prestigious international magazines, such as Vogue, Lens Culture, Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal to name just a few. In addition to her exhibitions in Italy and England, the photographer has also won numerous awards since 2014, notably at the Prix de la Photographie (Px3) in Paris, the International Photography Awards (IPA) in Los Angeles, and at the Sony World Photography Awards in London. Well known for her dreamlike portraits captured in spaces and landscapes full of silence, intimacy, and memories, her approach to photography has been self-taught. Growing up in an artistic milieu, Cristina Coral was soothed at a tender age by the music played by her father, Giampaolo Coral, an eminent composer of chamber and contemporary classical music. He was the first to encourage his daughter to develop her talent as a photographer, which enabled her to express her deepest feelings in a poetic way.  ... See more See less