Wild Nature

Pedro Jarque Krebs and Shirli Jade Carswell help us explore a new wilderness paradise, immortalising ferocious and isolated beauties, captured in their most secret intimacy.

Shirli Jade Carswell

Through the Souls of Animals

Shirli Jade Carswell has been an adventurer, exploring wilderness areas since she was a child.  Periodically, she prepares her vehicle and heads out to a wild destination. She sometimes stays for up to four weeks in certain regions, with her cameras and tripods in the sand, without seeing any other human souls. A seasoned photographer, she hopes to convey emotions through her images.

“I want the viewer to feel the warmth, smell the dust or the mist. I want them to fall in love with my Africa."

Shirli Jade Carswell

Pedro Jarque Krebs

The Fragility of the Natural World

Pedro Jarque Krebs, a multi-award-winning wildlife photographer, works on his subjects only in nature reserves. It is only Iater in his studio that he reworks his portraits against a black background, playing on light and shade. In this way, the intimacy with the animal emerges and the relationship becomes closer. Through his art, Pedro Jarque Krebs hopes to raise awareness among the widest possible audience regarding the urgent need to save endangered or captive wild animals.

"What counts, for me, is creating intimacy with animals. Bringing down the barriers that separate us from them. So as to finally restore their dignity.” Pedro Jarque Krebs