Venezia International Photo Festival

"YellowKorner is happy to be a partner of the Venezia International Photo Festival to pursue its vocation: to produce new photographs with its leading artists, to build links with the creative process, to share experiences and reflections on photography. For YellowKorner, the VIP is one more opportunity to exchange with the greatest photographers on an international level and to give a behind-the-scenes look at the shootings that make up today's photography.
- "Alexandre de Metz, Co-founder of Yellowkorner"


For this 3rd edition, which will take place from 7 to 10 April on a privatised island in the Venice lagoon, for a stay where experience and conviviality are central, eight core YellowKorner artists for years will lead workshops for all photography enthusiasts.
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Do you have anything to say?
Oliviero Toscani, one of the most influential masters of modern photography, offers his offbeat vision of photography, focused on intention and narrative. As an impactful advertising photographer, he challenges codes and invites reflection.

Street photography
Olivier Lavielle is a lover of the period from the 30's to the 70's. Entering his world is a bit like travelling through time. His workshop focuses on techniques to convert an idea into images and to search for his own vision of the world.

Wildlife photography
Through a graphic and aesthetic approach, Laurent Baheux magnifies nature and the wild species he comes across on his way. Freshness, novelty, and unexpectedness describe his workshop.

Architectural photography
Thibaud Poirier is a very active photographer with a passion for both interior and exterior architectural photography. His workshop will take place in the hidden streets of Venice.

Urban world
Ludwig Favre explores the most remarkable details of everyday situations, architectural works and urban scenarios. His workshop aims to capture the urban landscape from a new angle, highlighting geometry and perspective.

Venice on the smartphone
Laurent Dequick's work is a reflection on the contemporary city and the proliferation of modern urban space. His workshop will allow him to use the multiple possibilities of the telephone, from taking pictures to third-party retouching applications.

Under the influence
Nicolas Guérin works in fashion and advertising as well as portraits of famous people. At the same time, he has turned his attention to nude photography. During this masterclass, you will learn how to capture those magical, unique and indelible moments of life. 

Venise by night
Serge Ramelli's inquisitive and creative mind constantly pushes him to discover new techniques, both photographic and computer-based, to better transcribe the grandeur of urban landscapes.