Under the ocean


Aquatic portraitist

The son of a diving instructor, Rodney Bursiel was interested in the underwater world from a very early age. Under the surface, he draws upon the experience learned from his father to immortalize the most beautiful specimens of the marine world. Orcas, humpback whales, dolphins, sharks, manta rays… From Tonga, off the coast of Mexico, he has created a series of a new kind of portraits.


Underwater expressionism

In this series, Bernhard Hartmann concentrates on forgotten gardens and moves away from the sumptuous spectator-less interiors by revealing a world open to the sky. The melancholy images of Bernhard Hartmann come as a result of his frenetic, nearly obsessional, yet poetic research as he immortalises abandoned sites found during his travels . Here, nature retakes its hold little by little, invading the spaces which seem to have been forgotten by civilization. These spaces defy time, welcoming the silence that comes only after humanity has disappeared.


Amoureux des fonds marins

About the artwork

A true fan of the aquatic world, photographer and professional diver John Kowitz leads us on a journey 20 000 leagues under the sea, off the coast of Coco Island. Situated 550 km off the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica, the island is surrounded by abyssal depths, making it a privileged destination for divers. Sharks and wide-eyed trevally are intermingled with abundant aquatic life, for the greatest pleasure of marine enthusiasts.