The artists revealed in 2021

Before the start of a new artistic year, YellowKorner presents the new artists from our collection who have marked 2021. Spotted this year by our commitee, Helio Bray, Monet, Itchi, Romany WG, Mina Mimbu, Sorrentino,and Steven Menendez, have won your approval.
Rediscover their stylised approaches and browse through their limited edition works in a YellowKorner gallery or on our website.


André Monet et Hélio Bray

"What I do looks like photography but i’m a portrait painter. I take famous faces, icons and paint them by hand using a collage base made up of a mixture of paper, books, stamps, cards and much more.”-

André Monet


Steven Menendez

From his New York studio, artist Steve Menendez devotes himself to personal art projects with one goal in mind: to capture challenging images that honour the beauty of the human spirit.

Romany WG

Romany WG Romany WG is an English photography, who is part of the Urbex (urban experiment) movement, which uses old or abandoned places as a backdrop. He likes to pose his female models, usually naked, playing on the contrast between the beauty of the female body and the decrepitude that surrounds her. But sometimes, the woman rebels and grabs a gun…


Mina Mimbu

Because children see the world with their own eyes, a world that is very different from that of adults, Mina Mimbu aims to interpret it through the prism of her lens and infuses a little magic into her colourful portraits. Coupled with the beautiful and elusive landscapes of the Pacific, she leaves the viewer with an enchanting feeling and an irresistible urge to return to childhood.


"For me, working by hand allows me to see the big picture. However, I have made mixed images: for example, I glue photos by hand and then I add certain elements on the computer, such as lines, in order to add a graphic and geometrical dimension..." Itchi


Thomas Sorrentino

"By dint of staring at the landscape I became confused by it, I had the sensation of feeling its eternity and fragility as if it were my own."

Thomas Sorrentino