An exclusive Ludwig Favre x YellowKorner co-production

Who is Ludwig Favre?

Ludwig Favre owes his passion for photography to his father with whom he started taking pictures. Photography allows him to capture "snapshots of life" that he likes to record with spontaneity. For him, photography is also a means of passing on his passion to future generations.
Through his travels, Ludwig Favre developed a real passion for the United States, California, and especially Palm Springs and Los Angeles, which have become a source of unlimited inspiration to the photographer. His nostalgic and melancholic style sets him apart as a unique and distinctive photographer.
Whether it's storefronts, national parks, pristine beaches, or city landscapes from around the world, Ludwig Favre has the ability to reveal a stunning scene from anywhere in the world in a way you've probably never been able to experience it before. He is known for his soft colour palette, eye-catching framing and large-scale photography.

Set off on a Californian road trip Discover a series of photographs featuring warm and sun-filled tones created by Ludwig Favre for YellowKorner. Passionate about photography since childhood, Ludwig Favre travels the world in pursuit of " snapshots of life ". Through his travels, Ludwig Favre has developed a real passion for the United States and California in particular.

California dreamin' is the Californian art de vivre captured through Ludwig Favre’s lens, featuring shots that will delight ocean, surfing, and sunset lovers alike. A one-way ticket to the beaches of California.

Californian road trip

Los Angeles

Also known as "The City of Angels", Los Angeles is a must-see on the Californian coast. This city is at the heart of visual art (film and television alike).


These shots of Oceanside reflect the soft colour palette that Favre often likes to work with.

Palm Springs

"I like cities because their atmosphere is different every time. I like places that have spirit and a story to tell. Photography allows us to reflect the world we live in. "

Famous for its 20th century modern architecture, Palm Springs is equally renowned for its hot springs, sophisticated hotels, and golf courses. Nearby, the Coachella Valley offers many trails and is also home to the Coachella festival.

Kingman Marketplace / Kingman


Crossed by the famous Route 66, the town of Kingman is known as: "The Heart of historic Route 66". The town is also considered a "stopover town" used to help break up the long drive from California to the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as "Sin City", is one of the many American cities that never sleeps. Known for its casinos and its extravagance, Las Vegas lives to the rhythm of the noise of slot machines.


Phoenix pool sunset 5 / 1 / 3 / 5

Enjoy a relaxing moment at the water's edge in the California heat.