Based between Australia and the United States, Andrew Peacock started exploring the world through the prism of his camera while working as a doctor on expeditions to India and Nepal, with the Himalayan Rescue Association. His photographic practice followed his discovery of climbing, when he had just finished his studies in medical surgery in California. Passionate about mountainous regions and particularly Sierra Nevada, he was inspired by the work of climbers such as Galen Rowell, Corey Rich, and Greg Epperson to develop his own art practice. He now uses his medical skills to venture into new parts of the globe and tell stories through photography: Antarctica, Papua New Guinea and the Arctic, to name just a few of his destinations. His images have been awarded numerous prizes and in 2008 he notably won the Travel Photographer of the Year competition in the Nature category.  ... Mehr sehen Weniger sehen

" „Ich versuche wirklich ein der Realität entsprechendes Bild abzugeben. Ich versuche nicht das Bild zu manipulieren, um eine Landschaft zu produzieren, die nicht mehr der ähnelt, die ich gesehen habe, dass meine Fotos ebenfalls authentisch sind.""


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