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Fashion designer to Pope Jean-Paul II, Beyoncé, or Madonna, Jean Charles de Castelbajac is one of those emblematic designers who never go out of fashion. Born in 1949 in Casablanca, Morocco, he was nicknamed the ?Courrèges of the 1970s? by the newspapers of the era, owing to his playful style, his use of original materials and bright colours. Jean-Charles de Castelbajc is a tentacular artist who cannot be defined by the field of fashion alone. He affixes, assembles, subverts, appropriates, cites, parodies, creates mises-en-abyme, and uses everything that manufacturers of images such as cinema, Disney, TV, and comics presents to us. At the same time, he mingles with members of the worlds of contemporary art and music, such as Andy Warhol, the Sex Pistols, Takashi Kenzo, or Raoul Hausmann. From the outset, his chromatic prism has been widely distributed internationally and he has elected domicile in the four corners of the globe.  ... Vedi di più Vedere di meno

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Recognised for his joyful and visionary fashion, the French fashion designer revolutionised the world of design, through his subversions, appropriations, and innovative approach to pop/rock culture. Once again, he has not hesitated to stake his claim in the unique world of contemporary photography, by marking it with his fetish trio of colours: ardent red, electric blue, and sun yellow. Comprising a series of bubbly pop looks, the ?Summer 2009? image speaks for itself. It represents a combination of outfits worn during the designer?s spring/summer fashion show entitled ?JC in the sky with diamonds?.

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03 febbraio 2017

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Paris, New York, Tokyo...

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