Born in Madrid in 1972, Alberto Merchan studied photography at the popular university of Alcobendas before becoming an engineer. His spare time was spent in the company of his camera, at the heart of extraordinary landscapes. A snowy mountain peak, a deserted beach in winter, an age-old forest in autumn… The Spanish artist explores the natural treasures that his native country has to offer. He disconnects from the ‘real world’ and immerses his lens in a world shot through with extraordinary light, exposed to extreme temperatures, and illuminated by magical nights. Capable of waiting for hours or even days to capture the desired image, Alberto Merchan’s pictures stand out, with their dreamlike and rather melancholic landscapes. Warm and cool tones are combined to express the artist’s moods, since, according to Alberto Merchan, the location doesn’t matter, but the sensations and magic of the present moment assuredly do.  ... Voir plus Voir moins