Indémodables, découvrez nos photographies d’art vintage, à travers les photos, de mode, de sport, d’architecture ou encore de clichés du monde, qui se caractérisent par leur aspect rétro.

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  • A street story

    Fifou : un « punchliner visuel »

Our Finest Vintage Photographs

  Essential to the world of photography, vintage photography allows us to travel through time, to rediscover our history by showcasing each detail of the scenes photographed. Whether it be for black and white photographs or colour photographs, fans of photography dust off their old cameras, to immerse us in bygone eras and add a touch of nostalgia to their photographs.

Vintage style is highlighted in our catalogue thanks to photo prints that enable floating images to reflect and recreate this impression of a vintage photograph. The vintage image provides a grain that lends all of its authenticity and character to the photograph. Vintage images allow the best moments to be showcased, the best memories from history, so that they remain forever imprinted on our retina.

The white borders of the photo, also called “marquises”, allow the colours of vintage photos to be emphasised. These art photographs have excellent results with a gloss finish, so as to immortalise vintage photos of our finest moments and memories. Architecture, landscape, fashion shots, portraits of celebrities or vintage cars are just some of the themes that will delight collectors of vintage objects.

The Greatest Photographers in Limited Edition

Travel through the eyes of our professional photographers and discover the best of Jan Werner’s work, who helps us relive concerts with music photographs of Freddy Mercury or David Bowie. Rene Staud’s series, including collections of Porsche or Mercedes will be perfect for car lovers and will have an excellent result when paired with a smooth finish or mounted on aluminium. The best photos from the international press, from the Keystone Agency, remind us of great moments in our history, by showcasing the vintage style of their photos.

Go back in time with our vintage photographs and give character to your interior. A large choice of photographs are available in numbered limited editions, perfect for embellishing your walls. Choose the era you find the most charming and relive it through our selection of vintage photographs.

The most beautiful YellowKorner photos on aluminium plates are available in several formats and finishes, such as gloss and matte. The purchase of a photo is a unique gift idea, since you are able to select different frames, such as the aluminium range, and finishes, such as prints on paper, which will enhance your interior decoration.

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