Paul Fuentes is an artist born in 1988 in Mexico who currently lives in London. At age 17, he discovered Photoshop and tried his hand at his first photomontages. After graduating from the prestigious Mexican university ANÁHUAC, he worked with a photographer who encouraged him to pursue his talent, and he later left for Europe. His affinity for bright colors and quirky subjects are a holdover from Mexican art. Meanwhile he was influenced by pop art, surrealism and notably Dadaism “that realistic side of surrealism,” he says. In 2015, he opened a creative studio in London and worked with the biggest brands. His “travel photos” were excuses to revive the 1950s in a modern way, with their elderly Americans, villas and characteristic diners. But they always feature a good dose of quirkiness, for example pink flamingos or tigers in swimming pools or a panther as a masthead on a boat. His compositions are neither altogether real nor altogether imaginary, but add a good dose of color and radicalism to our vision of the world.  ... Voir plus Voir moins