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With the Shade series, French portraitist Alexandra Laffite aims to shed light on the more or less conscious ambiguity of human nature, the fragile balance between good and evil. Based on posturing and mystery, this series surpasses mere appearance to bring out all that the subject refuses to acknowledge and admit about her nature and personality.

El artista

Passionate about artistic professions since childhood, Alexandra Laffite explored various creative horizons before deciding to study Fine Arts in Toulouse. She draws the human form in graphite pencil based on photographs, paintings, or live models, and has developed a passion for male and female bodies, their particular positions and gestures. At the age of 20, she became an assistant at a photo laboratory and gradually honed her passion for photography. Ten years later, she decided to take a course and make photography her career. In 2015, she graduated from the EFET in Paris and embraced the artistic career she was destined for. Still just as fascinated by bodies, today she creates artworks in which they play the leading role, at the heart of stylised, minimalist stagings. Between plays of light and dark, her world is sombre and fantastical, on the verge of "disturbing" - an aspect that the artist knowingly cultivates.  ... Ver más Ver menos

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