Daniel Metz lives in Grenoble, in the Rhone-Alpes region in France. It is therefore no accident that the mountain environment has become an important leitmotiv in his photography. Alongside his activity as a graphic designer and image professional, he has developed a passion for the 8th art, a passion that allows him to capture the beauty of the landscapes he encounters and to share his vision. He thus prefers to adopt the approach of an amateur photographer, in the best sense of the word, in order to express his own tastes, without the constraints of commissions or the need for profitability. A fan of naturalism, above all he strives to make his photos as faithful as possible to the reality he perceives, so that the spectator can experience the same pleasure and fascination he feels in the face of the harmony and grandeur of nature. His series on contemporary China is intended above all as a testament to a traditional past that is now dying out, owing to the major upheavals and booming development that the country is experiencing.  ... Mehr sehen Weniger sehen

" Mein Anliegen ist es in der Landschaftsfotografie die genaue Grenze zwischen Realismus und Idealisierung des Realen zu finden. Die Suche nach einem idealen Foto findet nie zu einem Ende."


Warum Fotografie?
Das Sehen ist der Sinn, der für mich am meisten Freude in sich birgt. Mehr als der Geschmackssinn, das Gehör oder der Tastsinn. Die Fotografie, selbst wenn es sich dabei um eine Reduktion der realen Szene handelt, kann man...

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