Born in Senlis in 1976, Ludwig Favre now lives and works in Paris. Art history, multimedia and audiovisual studies, but also the transmission of a passion between a father and his son were the means that trained the photographer’s eye, sensitive to the reproduction of picturesque landscapes. Photographic practice allows Ludwig Favre to record “slices of life” that he likes to capture in a spontaneous way, on his many travels. Notably the ones produced between France and the United States, where he feels at home. In New York in particular, Ludwig Favre allows himself to be surprised by the stunning infrastructure of the city, which is like none other. Whenever he has the chance, he reveals a vision that is both dynamic and serene. Winner of the Geo Prize in 2015, his images have been shown in Paris, Sydney, Seoul, New York, and Los Angeles. They have also been used by the major brands Bauer Media Group, Visa Platinum, L’Oréal, and the US Open.  ... Mehr sehen Weniger sehen

" Ich liebe die Städte, die Gerüche, den Lärm, die Atmosphäre, die jedes Mal anders ist, egal ob man sich befindet... Ich liebe die Orte, die eine Seele und eine Geschichte zu erzählen haben. Durch die Vielfalt der Sichtweisen der Fotografie auf den bebauten Raum ermöglicht diese ein Zeugnis der Welt, die wir bewohnen"


Ergebnis: 63 Fotografie