Dive into the world of d’images presented by artists who broke all the rules and references known in photography to create their own reality. Discover artworks between photography and collage with Loïc Jouan, SandMulas and Claude Degoutte.

When reality and imagination merge


SandMulas is passionate about photography. Tickets pinned on a world map, vintage music concert posters, sound recording media...She collects, overlays and sticks her images where reality and imagination mix in a singular desire to find new interpretations of fascinating stories. The artist uses light, which she captures in her black box, on film or digital sensor.

"The eye should learn to listen before looking. I am a photojournalist and I tell your story in pictures."



How would you describe your work in a few words?

Unique and different. However, I don't categorise myself as a photographer, but as a visual artist. My favourite subject is the conceptual imagination with a touch of surrealism.

How did your passion for photography come about?

I have always loved drawing. I find that photography and drawing have a lot in common; they are the mediums that allow me to express my creativity. I got my interest in pop art from Andy Warhol's work. Many other artists have inspired and influenced my work: Salvador Dali, Erik Johansson, Noell Oszvald, Evelyn Bencicova and Maria Svarbova.

What emotion do you want to communicate through your photographs?

It depends on the concept, but I hope that my work can convey a positive energy and become a source of inspiration for the viewers.