Born to expatriate parents, Thibaud Poirier spent his childhood in many cities around the globe, but out of Houston, Montreal, Buenos Aires, and Tokyo, it was the latter that has influenced him the most: “I discovered architecture there, in particular by Tadao Ando, and it became one of my passions,” he explains. “Today it is the main subject of my photography, but has also become my professional activity.” Alongside his photography career, Thibaud Poirier, a trained engineer, also works as an architectural interiors consultant in Paris. He began photographing in 2013, when he was 26 years old, with just an iPhone and very early versions of photo-editing applications. One of his major projects brings together photos of libraries and churches: “I chose libraries and churches because I wanted to look at a historical timespan and show how spaces with a similar function could be interpreted so differently in various geographical locations over the centuries.” Influenced by Candida Hofer and Hiroshi Sugimoto, he presents us with photos devoid of any kind of human presence, in order to “paint surreal and timeless portraits of these monuments.”  ... Mehr sehen Weniger sehen

" Für die Serien zu den Bibliotheken und Kirchen wollte ich eine Verbindung mit diesen majestätischen Orten spüren und sie als Orte zeigen, die bereits seit Jahrhunderten dieselbe Funktion besitzen."


1) Wann haben Sie begonnen zu fotografieren? Wie ist Ihre Karriere in der Fotografie verlaufen?
2013 habe ich angefangen zu fotografieren, zunächst um meine Stadt, Paris, zu entdecken und die Straßen, die Architektur und das Leben der unter...

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