Alfredo Sanchez was not predestined for photography. Born in Mexico in 1954, he studied law and took up a career in the private sector. “My free time was spent playing tennis, horse riding, and let’s not forget my favourite pastime: photography,” he says. Much later, towards the end of the 1990s, he made a radical professional change. He abandoned his career to devote himself to his passion: photography. At the start of the digital era, Alfredo Sanchez undertook intensive and complete training in digital photography. He participated in the workshops of master photographers – Luis Caballo, Cuitlahuac Correa (Mexico), Jorge Salgado (Madrid), Antonio Leanza (London), and Flor Acosta (Mexico) – taking part in seminars in the four corners of the globe. Today, he exhibits his work internationally and has won numerous awards. Alfredo Sanchez dedicates himself to his art to offer us an extraordinary vision of the world around us. Bewitching, his portraits are meticulously thought out to create moments of pure utopia. Like a choreographer, he composes each of his shots like a dance, full of colours, textures, and beauty. His goal? To draw attention to the wonders of the world, highlighting the extraordinary element residing in each ordinary life.  ... Lees verder Less minder

" De perfecte kunst is niet bereikbaar, het is de weg er naar toe die de moeite waard is."


1. Why photography?
I was born in Mexico City in 1954; I studied law with an International Commerce Specialization. About 15 years ago, I started in the photography world. I am drawn by Portrait Photogra...

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