The Staging of Reality

Whether it be thanks to the technique of collage or Fine-Art, both artists Itchi and Fang Tong tell us true stories through their artworks. Dive into their vintage and meticulously composed worlds.



Itchi is a Parisian artist and illustrator. Inspired by the 1950s and 1960s, he collects, flicks through, and cuts out pictures from vintage books and magazines to create colourful, optimistic, or offbeat images, often tinged with nostalgia. His work brings characters, faces, and objects of the past back to life in original compositions. With this series, he showcases cameras, which the general public has increasing access to nowadays.

Her narrative photographies, sourcing inspiration from the fashion and film worlds, have earned her many awards. Awarded First Prize at the Nikon Photo Contest in 2015, she also won the Bronze at PX3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris) in 2014 and was selected in 2013 to promote one of Sony's latest cameras.

“It is a task undertaken in several phases: first, brainstorming; the patient search for materials, subjects and textures; then the spontaneity of creation, the pleasure of playing with shapes and colours to create new images.”

Fine Art

Fang Tong

Born in China, Fang Tong was inspired by painting and gradually turned to photography. To create this series, she sought inspiration from the paintings of one of the representatives of American realism: Edward Hopper. This clear tribute is complemented by meticulously staged composition. Beyond a mere image, the result tells a story full of new developments for the viewer.

Inspired by painting, he created this series of photographs and tells stories full of novelties for the viewer.

“The imaginary world is strangely familiar whereas the narrative arc leads the public on a hyperrealist journey through people’s subconscious.”


Nicolas Velter

Originally from Belgium, Nicolas Velter began studying photography 20 years ago. His work focuses mainly on the universe of fashion and advertising. The characteristic staging of his works and the placement of details is deliberate and his arrangements are meticulously constructed. His photos, powerful and moving at the same time, attract the viewer's attention.

Like Fang Tong, the artist Nicolas Velter honours the American artist Edward Hopper. A master of mise-en-scène, Velter creates a nocturnal vision that synthesises his attraction to photography, painting and assemblage.


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