Who is Olivier Goy ?

Born in Haute-Savoie in 1974, Olivier Goy is an entrepreneur and photographer. Committed to the fight against poverty in France via the Photo4food foundation (Institut de France) that he created with his wife in 2019 and to brain research, he devotes his photographic talents to activist efforts. All of his profits are donated to these causes.

It was the beauty of the camera, the Leica M, that led me to photography. After passing by its display in the shop window every day on my way home from work, I finally decided to take the first plunge... Of course, I didn't start by buying the mythical M, but I was already hooked forever

Travel to Antarctica

Documentary Invincible été

Diagnosed with Charcot's disease, Olivier Goy is also currently working on a documentary on disability and illness entitled "Invincible Summer" with director Stéphanie Pillonca. To be discovered in theaters on May 31.

"This trip to Antarctica was sort of a challenge to myself. Because of my disability, I have difficulty walking, I'm afraid of the cold, and yet we passed Cape Horn or Drake Passage in stormy seas with no problem. It was actually upon returning to Paris, on flat ground, while sneezing stupidly that I fell and broke my hand.
Photography really does protect you from everything!"

"During the filming in Antarctica, I took the pictures that are now on sale on YellowKorner. Thanks to the Invincible Summer series, I have already managed to collect more than 500,000€ (ed. note: from February to July 2022) for the Brain Institute. I have a room to my name. It's full of vanity, but I'm very proud of it..."