Portrait ARTISTS


To start the year, , Yellowkorner would like to present a selection of artists specialising in portraits. These photographers each have their own style and approach to photographic portraits .

Through the lenses of their cameras, you will discover portraits of men and de women , in colour or in black and white.
A portrait is the representation of a person. It can be very realistic or not at all. The relationship between the photographer and his subject is an integral part of the creative process. Many practices are put into play so that the viewer can feel the emotion that emanates from the portrait.

There are several kinds of portraits, of which four are frequently used:
1. The full-length portrait photograph shows a whole person, from head to toe.
2. An “American” portrait shows the model or models from mid-thigh up.
3. A bust portrait shows a person from the middle of the bust to the head, without showing the hands. The face is therefore the focus in the frame.
4. The close-up portrait consists of framing a part of the body, most usually the face, in order to show the viewer each feature of the person.


Lee Jeffries

close-up portrait




bust portrait


His bewitching ses portraits are meticulously thought out to create moments of pure utopia. Each of his shots is at once a mix of colours, textures and beauty. His wish? To attract attention to the wonders of the world, to highlight the extraordinary that exists in each ordinary life. All his collections are based on an idea designed and developed to identify the story and ambiance of each of his works, before taking the picture.


Ruslan bolgov

american portrait


To sublimate the female body, Ruslan Bolgov uses humour in placing two glasses in front of his model’s chest and at the same time plays with geometric shapes: “I wanted to try to bring together in one photo two opposing elements, that is the very rigid aspect of a cube and the curves of a woman ’s body,” he explains. He adds an artistic touch in playing with the black and white and the background by adding a mask to cloud the issue. The resulting photographs are both erotic and intriguing.


miguel vallinas

full-length portrait


His work currently concentrates on modified portraits of human beings, studying the circumstances that surround man. Starting with pure reality, he moves progressively towards deconstruction and surrealism in his work.