Our photographs of Palm Springs offer you a joy ride back to the 1960s. Sublimated by Ludwig Favre ’s pictures, the legendary city in South California will win you over – and over again! Allow yourself to embark on a road trip. Destination: Palm Springs .

Ludwig Favre lives and works in Paris. His art history, multimedia, and audiovisual studies, but also the transmission of a passion between a father and his son, all trained the photographer’s eye, attuned to the reproduction of picturesque landscapes.

Photographic practice allows Ludwig Favre to grasp "slices of life" that he likes to capture in a spontaneous way on his many travels. Notably those created between France and the United States, where he feels at home. In New York in particular, Ludwig Favre Favre allows the stunning infrastructure of the city – like none other – to take him by surprise.

Palm Springs opens the doors to a serene and dynamic sensation. These photographs bring together the gentle light of summer and its pastel tones.

A harbour of peace, a city overflowing with heavenly locations that quench our thirst for escape. Architecture, design, geometric lines, and tall palm trees make up these urban journeys.

Palm Springs is a place I’ve always wanted to visit because it is near the Indian reservation of Joshua Tree. I just happened to spot this hotel beforehand, because it had a very sixties style.” -Luwig Favre