Hervé Gloaguen 

Louis Armstrong, 1965

About this photograph

During his 50 year career, Louis Armstrong, cornet and trumpet player, singer and composer, had a considerable and incomparable influence on the world of Jazz. Trumpet virtuoso, he sounded unique and mastered the art of improvisation to perfection. Armstrong is also considered the inventor of jazz singing. His very distinctive voice was due to an oedema and a hypertrophy of his false vocal cords. He had such charisma as a public character that some of his performances as a musician become relegated to the background. Miles Davis said: ?As soon as you blow into an instrument, you know that you can get nothing out of it that Louis has not already done.?

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The Artist
Hervé Gloaguen 

On the heels of this transatlantic experience and in a post-68 context, Gloagen questioned his role as photographer in society. At the start of 72, Hervé became one of the founders of the press agency Viva. Viva photographers advocate a personal view of society through their work. These professional journalists want ‘to make personal photographs on themes which involve everyone.’ Their reportages are committed and cover symbolic subjects.

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