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Polish-born Radoslaw Pujan has a number of strings to his bow. An engineer by trade, he became passionate about the medium of photography while studying at the Polytechnic in Poznan and now, since 2006, he has been composing black-and-white portraits worthy of he greatest names in international fashion. Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon represent his primary artistic references in terms of the sensuality he seeks to obtain in his shots. He progressed from landscapes, to portraits of friends, and finally, to the staging of female models. Radoslaw Pujan’s style evolved as he experimented and taught himself photography techniques. He eventually decided to favour the medium-format camera, enabling him to conserve the grain of the image and above all, to connect the heritage of the past to our contemporary world. Born in 1978, the photographer is currently working in Brussels and regularly travels to Poland or France to produce his images, which won awards at the Hasselblad Masters in 2014.  ... See more See less

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27 July 2017

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