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Discover this week the choice of our gallery owners. Our photography experts reveal their favorite YellowKorner works and share the reasons why they captured, charmed and amazed them; by their aesthetic qualities or for the story they tell. Find now these limited edition and numbered photographs in your gallery and on


©RED ROAD IV - Simon Butterworth

This picture, made in Hong Kong, looks so surreal and abstract to me. Yet, these are real houses where real people live in, made for a post-war rehousing plan back in the days. The architecture seems to be inspired along the thight lines of the great designer le Corbusier. My parents own some furniture designed by this European designer, so I find it often intriguing to see aspects of him coming back in other things or cultures.

Does your style contains strong lines, neatness and abstractness? Then this picture might be something for you.

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©Peaks Forest - Daniel Metz

People always say: " Guilin's scenery is peerless in the world. It was not until I visited the place that I found it really worthy of the reputation.” As I remember Mr. Daniel told me how he took this photo, I was so impressive. It was a sun rising, taken in Guilin for about one week. He stayed with the workers and he bought a sickle to cut all the grasses so he made an empty road to climb up to on the top of mountain.

When you look at this photo, don’t you think it shows the most beautiful and magnificent scene of Guilin?!

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©Golden Aspen Canopies I - John Eastcott & Yva Momatiuk

Unlike general tree photos I like its amazing golden yellow in the front of a clear blue sky. The natural, artistic upwards structure makes me feel not just as comfortable as lying on autumn leaves but also bright and positive every time I look at it.

Don’t you hear the birds chilling too?

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©Gerboe - Gustav Willeit

GERBOE, is endless romance of « L’homme contemplant une mer de brume » of the German painter Caspar David Friedrich, two centuries later, 2.0 version. It is the representation of the Man with its own magnificence and humility. It is absolute contemplation : abyssal vertigo.

When I look to “Gerboe”, I have the privileged to attend to the pledge of human being to the Nature supremacy, powerful & disarming.

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©Kerala Sunrise - Harvey Philip LEE

« Kerala Sunrise » is my favorite picture from our current catalog. It was taken by Philip Lee Harvey in 2011 in India and reminds me very much of my own travels through Asia. I feel like he perfectly captured the early morning atmosphere with its golden glow and sleepy peacefulness, that I particularly fell in love with while traveling.

The air is still cool from the previous night. There is fog lying on the water, like a blanket hugging the land, not yet ready to let go, but at the same time playing with the newly risen sun. The rainforest is transitioning from its nocturnal activities with noises foreign to western ears. People are starting their day, making their way to unknown locations. The air is full of possibilities. It is a new beginning. A brand new day.

For me this hopeful metaphor, encapsulated in this beautiful photograph, is the perfect piece of art to hang in a bedroom and see first thing in the morning.

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©Flowers and Fruit - Yang Bin

One of my favourite photographs in our collection at this moment is “Flowers and Fruit” by Yang Bin.

Like Yang Bin I have a background in Art History,which makes me reallyappreciate the inspiration hetakes from the classical paintings from the ‘Golden Age’ of Dutch and Flemish painters that we would normally find in the Rijksmuseum here in Amsterdam.What I love about all of his work is the attention to detail you see coming through in his photographs, especially if you see them in a bigger size like a Giant.

«Flowers and Fruit» works beautifully in the old canal houses here in the city, but would look equally fantastic in contrast with a hypermodern interior. Every time I look at «Flowers and Fruit» I see a new detail, for instance the small crayfish in the right corner, or the lonely bee on one of the flowers. It also took me a bit of time to realize the background is not a solid black, but actually the bark of a tree. The fact you are constantly able to discover new details keeps me coming back to this photograph in our gallery. Another thing I like about this photograph is the contrast between the classical, almost painting-like, photograph and our beautiful modern finish.

I always advice people who are interested in Yang Bins works to consider the Perspex finish and a shadowbox. It really is the perfect finish for these photographs.

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©La Rêveuse - Alastair Magnaldo

Because of the surrealistic atmosphere in Magnaldo’s photos, it makes me curious to have a better look. Every time you’ll find a new detail what makes the photo interesting. Inspired by thoughts and dreams of children, he gives adults the chance to have a little glimpse in the world of their boundless fantasy.

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