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Autumn remains the ultimate season for colour photography, offering a myriad of shades and contrasts. Its rich palette of chestnut and crimson hues, with touches of amber, provide our artists with endless variations for expressing the beauty of an environment in decline.
Our artists such as Lars Van de GoorDinev EvgeniBernhard Hartmann, and Sapna Reddy strive to share their feelings before these decadent landscapes in their photographs available in numbered limited edition in your local YellowKorner gallery and on


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A fervent defender of the environment, Dutch photographer Lars Van de Goor masters the light that reveals the bewitching and pictorial character of the landscapes he roams through in the Gelderland region of the Netherlands. His enchanting work has won several awards, at the Hasselblad Masters Prize in the “Season and Climate” category and the gold medal at the Trierenberg Super Circuit.

Transforming the ordinary into the sublime, his photographs are reminiscent of the Romantic paintings of German artist Caspar David Friedrich who combined his own state of mind with the representation of the grandeur of nature. “Painters must not only paint what they see in front of them, but also what it sees in him,” he affirmed.



From his native country at the borders of Europe, Bulgarian photographer Dinev Evgeni roams the world, from season to season, transforming an ordinary point of view into a grandiose panorama. He compares himself to a painter before an easel, seeking to paint a picture by selecting his palette with great care.

Before the photographer’s lens, nature makes an entrance and starts to shine like a harmonious ballet. Magic wins over reality, striking colours penetrate isolated valleys, light carves out rows of trees, and mist veils mountain ranges, introducing us to small corners of absolute paradise.



Californian photographer Sapna Reddy thus affirms her desire to form spiritual ties to the wilderness areas that she explores. A vaporous light bathes the American national parks in fog and invites viewers to immerse themselves in the surrounding elements as they would before a painter’s masterpiece.

Her photography has won a number of distinctions and has also been published in various international magazines and travel guides (Lonely Planet, but also Popular Photography, Landscape Photography Magazine, Better Photography, Smart Photography, Outdoor Photography, etc.). Her photographs have also been used by the brands Google, Hitachi, Gap, and Yahoo.



In his Forgotten Garden series, artist Bernhard Hartmann deviates from his hallmark photography: dazzling representations of historic buildings. He is particularly interested in representing the size and magnificence of places devoid of all human presence.  Above all, he is fascinated by architectural and decorative arrangements, creating imposing overall views of these, while remaining faithful to the atmosphere of the site. 



Colour is also expressed in Kodak’s COLORAMA collection. Its panoramas refer to the common and classic theme of the passage of time, showcasing the function of the camera, as a way of capturing and conserving the best moments of a life, whether it be birthdays, family gatherings, weddings, or holiday scenes.

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