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A vector of emotion and an infallible ally of decoration, art photography is a personal and original element. It provides an opportunity to play with conversation pieces around this object in your space. Laurent Blanc the founder-editor of IDEAT shares his tips for sublimating your art photograph within your interior.

What does your interior look like?
It looks like anything but a showroom! There is a mixture of 20th-century furniture found at flea markets, cosy carpets, as well as a few paintings.

Which is your favourite room, the one you like to spend time in?
My living room, because you can listen to music there, read, talk with friends and family, read your favourite newspaper, eat, sleep...

What’s the latest colour for walls?
Pink, even if you need to know how to use it...


What are your preferred colour associations for your photographs?
White, sky blue and of course black and white for its graphic aspect...

Could you give us your recommendations in terms of photographic decoration?
Photography must satisfy a two-pronged objective. It must be instinctively appealing, of course, but that isn’t enough: you have to choose it because you love it but also because you know that it will be perfect in a specific spot in your interior. It is really the combination of the two criteria that mean that a visual will have a wonderful effect on your decor. Otherwise, it will cost a lot of money to choose a photo for its intrinsic beauty and then accommodate your interior around this picture afterwards...

What are the best places to hang your photograph?
A white wall, in any room! Then there are variations: a white wall above a couch, a white wall above a buffet, etc.


Should the photo be framed or unframed?
I’m in favour of leaving photos frameless if they are against a white wall. Shadow gap frames can also be very nice, but the photo has to be large and so you need high ceilings...

Do you prefer one big photo or a swarm of little photos?
Both! I love having large prints in certain places, but also walls full of little frames. It adds soul to a place and it is the accumulation of the various frames that makes it nice.

Do you take photos yourself?
Yes, but never artistic ones! I keep it to my family and holiday destinations. I am one of these people who still develops their photos to then display them on a little carousel.


What are the YellowKorner themes that inspire you the most?
The cities, the sea, architecture… And the nudes.

What will be the major trends in decor for 2018 in your opinion?
At the moment, I feel as though we’re looking for some soul when we’re deciding what goes into our decor. We’re returning to muted and dark colours, to velvet too. We’re daring to make colour combinations that were not used before, such as pink and green, yellow and blue, red and pink... And we’re using a lot of gold. The trend is anti-minimalist. Sarah Lavoine, Laura Gonzalez, and Dorothée Meilichzon are all cultivating this style…

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