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Through the prism of photograph, today YellowKorner is celebrating the art form of architecture.
From monuments that are true works of art to abandoned sites, all of these places are marked by a certain poetics that allows the imagination to stray. And isn’t this the ultimate goal of photography?
This week, our artists who are passionate about architecture reveal the stories behind their photos and explain their artistic project to us: to reveal hidden beauty and the forgotten glory of ruined structures and abandoned sites.

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Francis Meslet - Explorer of abandoned sites

Exploration photography (architecture, landscape, heritage) is a daily preoccupation for the photographer. The artist is interested in abandoned locations, places in ruins that have given way to silence over time. His shots are taken in the natural lighting of the location.

“The sun was just coming up. A thick mist was rising over the surrounding countryside, either side of this little road. The heat could already be felt despite the early hour. The day would be beautiful and hot for sure. Although my eyes were still all dewy from lack of sleep and the kilometres travelled, I couldn’t miss it. A magnificent palace that appeared to spring out of nowhere. Endless fields, tall grasses that were still damp, staircases that were once majestic, now invaded by lush vegetation... and then, this balcony. This extensive view and incredible light that made we want to wake up here every morning in the world until the end of my days...”

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Japan, Autumn 2014
Teahouse of a mountain hotel abandoned since an earthquake in 1995

“An abandoned hotel in the mountains of Japan. Situated near an old disused funicular station. I had to walk through the forest in the rain, the day after a big storm that had caused a lot of damage. Jumping over the railings of the funicular station before the site, while avoiding the eyes of travellers and staff, then disappearing into the vegetation, discovering signs reading ‘BEWARE OF SNAKES’ on my way. Too late to turn back. Too late to regret it. The desire to discover this lost site was too strong.”Francis Meslet

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Auréllien Villette - Archaeologist of Architecture

Aurélien Villette questions the meaning and heritage value of these abandoned locations. An enigmatic atmosphere emanates from his photographs, leading the spectator to question the past and the history of these places. Black Sea, Romania

Beyond the horizon lies Georgia, Crimea, and Russia.

“When I visit a new country, a new city, I seek out the architectural constructions that shape them and define their identity. I place photography in service to my curiosity for broaching the many facets of these constructions. The modern, ancient, dilapidated, and in ruins are combined both outside and inside. Architecture marks all of our lives, our lifestyle, beliefs and cultures, from our birth to our death and beyond. All of this variety leaves me awestruck, every day.”

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Havana, Cuba, 2014

“Architecture in ruins is highly present in my work today. Because ruins have the power to represent several visions of a territory in one, several temporalities. Ruins have the aesthetic potency to visually show the marks of time, but also to draw in the present the remnants of our stories, our History and its accidents.”

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Ludwig Favre

In New York, he allows himself to be surprised by the stunning infrastructure of the city and, whenever he gets the chance, reveals a vision oscillating between dynamism and serenity.

“I love cities, smells, noise, atmospheres that are different every time, whether you’re in Paris or New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco... I love places with a soul and a story to tell. Through the diversity of perspectives of constructed space that it offers, photography allows us to bear witness to the world we live in.” Ludwig Favre

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Laurent Dequick

French artist Laurent Dequick loves to represent the fury of the city in motion. He is constantly undertaking examinations of the contemporary city and the proliferation of urban space. He also won awards at the COLORAWARDS held recently, for his photograph HIGH DENSITY II for which he took away third place.

“Two years ago in Hong Kong, I took the photo High Density. I returned last year to complete this vision of the vertical city. I heard not long ago that city hall had recently forbidden photos in this area, as it was disturbing the residents too much. So I went at the right time.”

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Franck Bohbot

Franck Bohbot is the author of several photographic series dedicated to urban architecture: theatres, libraries, fun fairs, train stations, etc. He establishes a human presence, creating a timeless dimension.

“Architecture is everywhere, in every city, from megalopolises to the tiniest of villages, I photograph architecture because I am passionate about the act of documenting buildings, interiors, or the soul of a neighbourhood with my eyes.” Franck Bohbot

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Bernhard Hartmann

Bernhard Hartmann has a fascination for architectural and decorative arrangements, creating imposing overall views of these, while remaining faithful to the atmosphere of the site. Full of melancholy lyricism, his works bear witness to the power of the lens to inventory and capture heritage.

“I love what is beautiful. The serenity and grace of an architectural monument must provoke the same emotion for the viewer. They must be enchanted through their emotions.”

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