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While the famous American photographer of the 1920s, Walker Evans, focuses on the vernacular and everyday, others endlessly explore the abundant treasures of North America, illustrating the symbols and myths that constitute the North American identity emphatically and extravagantly.
From the DC-3 nicknamed Dakota, to the New York skyscrapers, it is with passion that photographers like Olivier Lavielle, Formento+Formento, or Matthias Haker divulge these wonders in their photographs available in numbered limited edition in your local YellowKorner gallery and on

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Oliver Lavielle is a fan of the period spanning the 1930s to the 1970s. His world is tinged with jazz, swing, blues, rock’n roll and a pinch of disco. A private pilot, his photos of aircraft intimately portray the special relationship that he maintains with his “toys” as he likes to call them. According to the photographer, the only way to discover the American continent is behind the wheel of a car. The American dream seems entirely contained in these vehicles featuring modern chargers ready to conquer new territories.

“Finally, entering his world is a bit like travelling in time, and since Olivier is also a pilot for an airline company, the phrase ‘Welcome aboard!’ seems apt.”


The COLORAMA collection also tells the story of an ideal family and thus produces a deliberately patriotic and conservative discourse on 1950s America.
In this promotion of the “American Way of Life”, the counter-culture seems non-existent and everything appears pure in the dazzling colours and frozen smiles of cheerful characters.

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Formento+Formento are blessed with great flair for composition and lighting, a talent that might recall the art of Vermeer or Hopper. Like these artists, they deal with subjects as fundamental as religion, the passage of time, or solitude. In so doing, they traverse various periods of history as though to better return to the immediate present.

This photograph was taken in Miami in 2014 and represents Martina, an intriguing female character whose behaviour and characteristics emphasise a kind of vulnerability and solitude in the face of a world that has become overly materialistic.

Occupying the centre of the composition, this young woman seems to be held up as a symbol of feminine modernity.



Matthias Haker was born in 1984 in Potsdam, Germany. In 2008, he bought his first digital reflex camera and started to take photography professionally. Matthias specialises in architecture, nature, urban landscapes, and dilapidated buildings. He captures the dynamism inherent in urban environments like New York.

“This photograph Manhattan Lights highlights the downtown area and its huge skyscrapers using the coloured lights that compose them. Taken from a distanciated and particularly elevated point of view, it offers a vertiginous overview of the city and its massive infrastructure. The intensity of the lights and colours reinforce the spectacular and monumental character of the biggest city in the United States.”

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