Jean-Daniel Lorieux


Jean-Daniel Lorieux is endlessly seductive. Born in 1937 in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, he is considered one of the most illustrious French fashion photographers, a contemporary of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin. After working as a war reporter in Algeria, witness to the horrors of war, he joined Studio Harcourt then collaborated with major fashion magazines such as Vogue and L'Officiel. He undertook some of the key advertising campaigns of the haute couture houses of Dior, Lanvin, Rabanne, Ricci, Céline, and Cardin, among others, and set his sights on the silhouettes of international celebrities. A man of elegance and a glamour photographer, some of these celebrities were immortalised under his lens: Nelson Mandela, Franck Sinatra, David Lynch, Isabelle Adjani, and Claudia Cardinale, among so many others. While his photographs have been exhibited in Shanghai and Brussels, Jean-Daniel Lorieux continues to travel the world in search of a place, a woman, or a movie scene that will inspire his next photograph.

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