Jean Dieuzaide

Dali avant le bain

About this photograph

Port Lligat, Cadaquès. SpainThis photo predates the photo of Dali in the water. The promotional benefit of this idea finally convinced Dali to overcome his fear of water and take part in the shot planned by Jean Dieuzaide. In 1953 whilst travelling to the Levante region of Spain to write his book for the publishers Arthaud and after being refused several times by Dali, Jean Dieuzaide had the idea to stop in the painter?s home village in Cadaquès to try to take his photo. The idea of this series ' Dali in the Water ' completely ignored the master?s aversion to this liquid element: also it is without doubt what makes this series so exceptional.YellowKorner is offering a new series by Jean Dieuzaide called ' Dali in the Water ' for the 20 th anniversary of the disappearance of Dali the surrealist artist.

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The Artist
Jean Dieuzaide

Born in 1921, Jean Dieuzaide very quickly showed a passion for photography. He proved it ardently, everywhere, from Paris to Toulouse, passing through Arles. Launched by a photograph of General de Gaulle that would be largely distributed, Jean Dieuzaide became a photojournalist. Many of his reportages appeared in the international press, such as the one dedicated to the marriage of two tightrope walkers and published by ' Life ' Jean Dieuzaide also photographed for ' documentary ' works : Gascogne, Portugal, Périgord, Languedoc... Many are the prizes, nominations, requests for hischairing jurys, associations, contests to which the name of Jean Dieuzaide isattached.In addition, he was the winner of the prize Niepce in 1954, of the prize Nadar in 1961. He was named an Officer of the National Order of Merit and an Officer in the order of Arts and Letters in 1981. He received the grand prize of the Arts of the City of Paris in 1985, the gold medal of the city of Toulouse in 1986, the gold ' Sicof ' at Milan and was named a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International in 1988. He was also given an Honorary Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society in 1994.

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