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Limited Edition Art Photography

In the universe of Rarindra Prakarsa

The photographs of Indonesian artist Rarindra Prakarsa possess a sincere and simple approach to bear witness to her nostalgia for her homeland. Her images are naturalistic portraits that show her love for Indonesia in a narrative and descriptive vein. Elegiac tones rhythm her travels and offer both documentary and human value. 
The photographer presents us in this interview with the legend behind her photographs, available in numbered limited edition in your local YellowKorner gallery and on


What message would you like to convey through your work?
I try to bring joy by showcasing the simple life. Keeping things simple is the only way to be happy. However, I do not create or visualise in a simple way. I would like my photography to be truly artistic.

How was your passion for photography born?

Basically, my parents are passionate about art. They adore music, painting, and they have open the doors for us to everything art-related. I also studied graphic design and my favourite subject was photography. 


"II took this photograph in Bali on a small dam that contains the Unda River. All day, the locals take advantage of this opportunity to bathe, to take a shower while the children play around this river." 



"A small village exists that is located around 60km outside of the city of Jakarta where the locals continue to use the little river to wash their clothes, the buffalo, the bicycles, and motorcycles. The children come over the weekend to play in the water in the morning." 



"All summer long, Situ Gunung Lake puts on a magical display. The fog lifts over the surface of the water and in time, the sun strikes the fog and works its magic. People who come to admire the sunrise never fail to be awestruck. The ray of light is so beautiful when it cuts through the trees. "


Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the many things that I see and hear. That includes films, books, and visual arts. I also love to travel and that really fuels my imagination. Classical and Renaissance paintings inspire me, not only for the ideas that they provoke, but also technically.


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