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The city: urban jungle in constant evolution and at constant boiling point, is a passionate subject for photographers. Discover street photography and urban photography in all its splendour between street art and urban landscape. The modern city offers skyscrapers and large, impressive avenues while older towns spill over with history and tradition. Check out urban photography at YellowKorner - the best of city photography.


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All animal and wildlife photographs have the same objective: to showcase the beauty of the animal world.
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All animal and wildlife photographs have the same objective: to showcase the beauty of the animal world. However, this is an exercise requiring some skill. Every series of animal photographs takes preparation in order to obtain a perfect understanding of the animal, its mood, state of mind, habits, and way of moving or living within its community. Once the photographer arrives on the site of coverage, they immediately know how to capture the scene they wish to immortalise. The goal is to retranscribe the scene observed as faithfully as possible, by offering the spectator a complete immersion within an as yet unexplored world, a precise instant in the animal’s life. They can then find themselves face to face with a majestic lion on the African savannah or the possibility of rubbing shoulders with a group of polar bears in the Arctic. We obviously find this approach in the work of Laurent Baheux, a specialist in black-and-white wildlife photography, who helps us to rediscover the African savannah through his various series. As for Pedro Jarque Krebs, he immortalises scenes from animal lives, later transposing them within a world comparable to that of fashion photography. In this category, you will find a selection of domestic animal photographs but also wildlife photography – lions, pink flamingos, and elephants in their natural habitats – but also stagings of animals, which take a very different artistic approach. Nowadays, wildlife photography allows new trends to be explored in interior decoration. It provides an offbeat atmosphere that tends to contrast with the colours of a more traditional interior.