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The city: urban jungle in constant evolution and at constant boiling point, is a passionate subject for photographers. Discover street photography and urban photography in all its splendour between street art and urban landscape. The modern city offers skyscrapers and large, impressive avenues while older towns spill over with history and tradition. Check out urban photography at YellowKorner - the best of city photography.


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There is a longstanding love affair between women and photography
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Could artistic photography exist in the absence of women? The feminine form – the body’s curves, bare skin bathed in light or gleaming in polished chiaroscuro – is everywhere. It is ubiquitous. Women have always inspired the greatest artists, muses for photographers in search of inspiration or models for fashion portraitists. There is a longstanding love affair between women and photography. This affair is recounted in YellowKorner’s numbered limited-edition collection through the gaze of an array of talented artists. There are several major trends when it comes to women as the subject of photography. Fashion photography, as seen in magazines, features women and their apparel. Their poses, gait, movement, and gaze are carefully studied so as to bring the clothing to life. Through the lens of the Formento + Formento artistic duo, women are not objects, but stars of photography. In an effort to surprise, and even shock, the duo places women in the centre of startling, even shocking scenes. They emanate sensuality and complete freedom. YellowKorner’s photographs of women are full of intensity, each one wholly distinctive. Marked by their era, they attest to the evolution of women over the years and shed light on their emancipation. Inspired by the universe of film, the photographs of Ruslan Lobanov depict liberated women proudly displaying their femininity. On the street, in cars and cafés, they are nude and uninhibited. Deeply modern, the photographs of Damien Dufresne feature women as a blank canvas to express his full creativity. With a great deal of originality, he covers facial features and curves of nude bodies in colours akin to swathes of fresh paint – a veritable artistic revolution offering a striking element of interior decor. From artistic nudes to portraits of fashion legends, every photograph selected by YellowKorner celebrates the beauty of women.