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The city: urban jungle in constant evolution and at constant boiling point, is a passionate subject for photographers. Discover street photography and urban photography in all its splendour between street art and urban landscape. The modern city offers skyscrapers and large, impressive avenues while older towns spill over with history and tradition. Check out urban photography at YellowKorner - the best of city photography.


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Similar in some respects to travel photography, this photography of history and traditions can be enjoyed like a good book.
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YellowKorner is highlighting history and traditions from around the world in this numbered limited-edition collection. You will find photographs immortalising the past and customs from a number of countries around the world. With highly varied styles, the photographers offer you true immersion in eras past, with images conveying vernacular cultures or inviting you to share in the traditions, so little known, of distant populations. Similar in some respects to travel photography, this photography of history and traditions can be enjoyed like a good book. It invites spectators into the image to appreciate its full subtlety and precision, but also to look further in search of messages under the surface. Lee Howell’s poetic, colourful shots combine portrait and landscape, deftly highlighting both within a single image. As part of an interior decor, in large size, his images are a veritable invitation to discover the world. The photographs of Kusakabe Kimbei are today considered as postcards and are even collection objects. With staggering talent, in his studio, the artist recreated scenes of ancestral traditions of Japanese culture. The precision of these compositions, the warmth of the tones which appear faded and yellowed, give the appearance of drawing, of delicate ink paintings. More than simply photography, these artists offer a collective memory in capturing moments, traditions, and customs that are often disappearing. And what would history and tradition be without sport? All practices, from the gentlest to the most extreme, are passed down from generation to generation, and transform over the years. The sport press collection from L’Équipe illustrates this beautifully. In both black and white and in colour, they show the greatest moments in sport history, full of joy, suffering, and adrenaline. These exploits, traditions, and unique, stunning moments will enhance your decor.