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Created in 1984, the game Tetris was met with international success that did not escape the attention of Bulgarian photographer Mariyan Atanasov. A web designer by trade, he is passionate about photography and particularly urban photography. In Sofia (Bulgaria), he immortalises the geometric constructions of the city, transforming them into a giant game of Tetris. Symbolising life in a box, the work of Mariyan Atanasov is nevertheless intended to be light-hearted and positive.


At the age of 7, Mariyan Atanosov had already adopted the eighth art and made it his favourite hobby. Even now, despite a time-consuming career as a web designer, his passion has clearly imposed itself. From Paris to the United States or Sofia, the Bulgarian photographer roams the world with camera in hand and one obsession in mind: urban landscapes. He has a particular interest in architecture and street subjects, which he showcases through minimalist stagings. He later excels in the art of transforming reality in the post-production phase and playing with the geometric shapes he finds there. He creates playful, savvy, original artworks in which he does not hesitate to slip in a few details to delight the most well-informed spectators.  ... Vedi di più Vedere di meno

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