With more than one string to his bow, British artist Ben Moore adopts all photographic styles. A true self-taught artist, he continually trained his artistic eye while studying the conservation of biodiversity at university. Based in Hampstead, an opulent neighbourhood of London, he travels all over the country as well as abroad (Europe, Africa, the United States, and Southeast Asia) to create his photographs. Whether wandering through Camden Market on a winter’s morning, lying on a sun-soaked Indonesian beach, or exploring the alleyways of Brooklyn, the photographer is always true to his spirit. For Ben Moore, framing the lighting, colour, and emotion in each of his images is what makes it his passion. He loves to work with people, whether it be flamboyant evenings or intimate shoots for fashion advertisements. His peers describe the photographer as having an innate ability to capture a woman’s emotions. He very quickly became a specialist in photographing the female body and specialises in the production of nudes.  ... Vedi di più Vedere di meno

" “For me, capturing the light, colour, and emotion in each image I take is what makes it my passion.”"