Born in 1974 in Hungary, Akos Major trained in visual communication at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest. For ten years, he worked at an advertising agency, before establishing himself in 2010 as a professional photographer and designer in Vienna, Austria. Armed with his favourite cameras – the Mamiya, the Silvestri, or the Wista – he has produced many photographic series, including Shaping the Land and Leisure Project, which reveal landscapes explored on his many travels. As he roams through Hungary, Italy, Germany, France, or the United States, he captures mainly natural, architectural, and social subjects. Akos Major seeks moments of absolute peace, and systematically favours the veiled and soft atmospheres of cloudy days. He thus produces compositions of great formal simplicity, with extremely meticulous care, influenced by the work of photographers Michael Kenna, Elger Esser, or Hiroshi Sugimoto. His research enables him to extract his subjects from daily life and highlight their surprising inner serenity. His works have earned him a number of photography awards, such as the International Fine Art Photography Award in 2012, in the Landscape category.

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