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Peggy Mella is a French-Italian photographer. After a modelling career that gave her a taste for travel and encounters that honed her artistic eye, she decided to return to her studies in 2013. For three years, she trained at a photography school in Paris (EFET) then took off for New York to follow photo and graphic design classes at the prestigious NYU, in Greenwich Village. She has crafted her world of images and compositions for over 15 years, creating a modern and free portfolio. Winner of the Paris/Miami Art Fair in 2015, her work is represented by many American (Miami, New York) and French galleries (Paris). It has been exhibited all over the world, notably at Art Basel in 2014, the Maison des Artistes d’Antibes in 2015, and in the Wynwood neighbourhood of Miami the same year.  ... Voir plus Voir moins



Peggy Mella floats, navigates, travels, and helps spectators explore a world made of Fragments, the title of her recent series of aerial photographs. Based on enlargement, colouration, and destructuring of images, her artistic technique gives rise to an abstract and stylised body of work. She immerses us in a new world, that of the Copacabana Palace, a prestigious destination in “thirties style”, built in Rio de Janeiro on the famous Copacabana Beach, spanning 4.5 km. Poolside was created in 2013 and is reminiscent of the artistic style of Slim Aarons and his photographs of the American jet set of the 1950s to 1970s.


Date de la prise de vue

02 mai 2019

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