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61 Photographs Pool

This is also a topic that makes us want to travel, as often the photographers go in search of the most beautiful and spectacular swimming pools in the world.
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Results: 61 Artworks

Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

YellowKorner presents its collection of photographs of swimming pools, evoking summertime and vacation. These artists enjoy capturing aquatic themes that symbolise friendliness and relaxation, providing a snapshot of those special moments in life. This is also a topic that makes us want to travel, as often the photographers go in search of the most beautiful and spectacular swimming pools in the world. You can discover some of these pools in shots by Ludwig Favre or Ben Thomas , for example. Their photographs combine the blue of the water with the blue of the sky or ocean, creating an idyllic chromatic gradient. They are also images that contain a riot of colour, from the facades of buildings to the deck chairs lined up along the edge of a swimming pool, or palm trees set against the backdrop of an azure sky. This style of photography fits in perfectly with a modern decoration. Travel enthusiasts will adore these images that make the spectator want to jet across the world… and dive into crystal-clear waters. In this exceptional collection of photographs, from Paris to Palm Springs, offered in a numbered, limited edition, you may also be surprised to find empty swimming pools. This is a subject that particularly attracts photographers mad about architecture. It is the ideal opportunity to contemplate the construction of buildings and pools. And finally, artist Franck Bohbot stands out in this theme for his fascination with cities. Many of his images portray swimming pools in cities around the world. He brings the spectator into these enclosed spaces lit up with neon lights, where the still water awaits the movement of swimming and diving. At first glance, his shots seem so simple, however, they required his careful observation and analysis of the space. He brilliantly enhances the lines and curves of these grandiose locations – the illuminated glass walls and the depth of the pools. These artists also enjoy playing with the colour of the water and its reflections, emphasising these in vintage swimming pools. You can also discover aerial photographs by Marina Vernicos, whose viewpoint of the swimming pool is entirely different. The unusual framing and human presence bring a graphic note and counter-relief to this photographer’s images. Absolutely magnificent in large format in a white living area. You’ll want to dive right into her artistic world.