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Sport and Technics

205 Photographs Sport and Technics

Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

As witharchitecture, sport and modern technology inspire photographic artists. For them, these “models” replace men and women , taking up all the space in front of the lens. With this “sport and technic” collection of photographs, in a numbered, limited edition, YellowKorner reveals all the grace and beauty inspired by these images of machines and objects that construct our modern world. Each photographer has their own preferred subject. For Olivier Lavielle , for example, it is the world of aeronautics. As a pilot and true aeroplane enthusiast, he brings the spectator on his adventures by proposing images of extreme sport , right in the heart of the action: planes that take off seen from inside, propellers that begin to turn... For all that, he never abandons his artist’s gaze, and his images are imbued with poetry. These technological photographs masterfully combine natural elements with the brilliance of chrome and steel, in cars as well as planes. This photographic collection also highlights artists who have specialised in a specific domain, such as René Staud, who has collaborated with brands like Porsche, Maserati, and Aston Martin. He offers images of automobiles from another age that are out of time and space. Laurent Nivalle is also interested in vintage cars, racing cars, and even motorbikes, but with a radically different approach. Chrome elements and radiator grilles take centre stage, offering a highly original, black-and-white shot of pure brilliance. This is also a collection that places human effort at the heart of the image. You will be able to find shots from media specialising in sport and competition , including the iconic newspaper L’Équipe , for example. Cycling competitions from across the globe, tennis, surfing, extreme alpine sports, and let’s not forget, of course, the beauty of football. These framed photographs fit marvellously into the decoration of an office or leisure space, bringing masculinity and elegance to the interior.