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14 Photographs Sailing

Numbered limited editions

All of the photographs are provided with their certificate of authenticity in numbered limited editions.

The photography of sailing and other water sports resembles sports photography in general as much as it does that of travel . For spectators, who are lost in an immense blue, imagining the slow progress of the boat propelled by a gentle breeze… it is a veritable invitation to contemplation and calm. However, sailing is also an extreme sport , owing to its conditions: far from land, lost in the vast blue ocean, far from all human technologies, and confronted by the whims of nature. Because, of course, without wind, nothing moves… YellowKorner brings together the best photographs of yachts, navigating in the wide-open sea, in a frantic race or in the calm of a port, for the greatest pleasure of fans of this sport. Allow yourself to be swept up in the fascinating and inspiring beauty of the water, as well as its creative energy. With Laurent Dequick, you will discover the yacht from a whole new angle. More passionate about architecture than sports, this artist captures the boats berthed at port with artistic and poetic blurs. Photographs that are entirely the opposite of the kind that Jonathan Chritchley black and white. He provides images that are both poetic and full of light, to observe sailing technique. Through his lens, the sport becomes powerful and intense. The boats are at the heart of the action, in a dark, sleek sea. For interior decoration, the multi-award-winning photographs by this English artist provide elegance, refinement, and modernity. In the YellowKorner collection, presented in numbered limited edition, you can also fall under the spell of the aerial shots directed at a little port, or the vintage images of the Kodak Colorama collection. Sailing represents an invitation to travel to dreamlike landscapes , offered by these talented artists. They were able to defy climate conditions and dangers to create perfectly mastered artworks.