Robert Salandro was born in Michigan State in 1947. He was an agency photographer specialising in sport. One day he was asked to replace one of his colleagues who was unavailable. He was sent to cover one of the Rolling Stones' concerts in New York. It was his only experience in the field of live musical photography. He intimated with respect to this experience that he felt safer on the edge of an American football field than in the mosh pit of the Stones' concert, in the midst of out of control fans.His photograph :A genius guitarist, Keith Richards is also a renowned lyricist. He is the author of a large proportion of the Rolling Stones' repertoire, the group that made him a household name across the globe. His encounter with Mick Jagger dates from kindergarten, but it wasn't until 1963, after a chance meeting on the platform of the train station of their hometown that they had the idea to collaborate musically. Their first hit As Tears Goes By was made when their band manager forcibly locked them in a kitchen. But Keith Richards wrote the Stones' first major success “Satisfaction” alone one evening in his hotel room, in 1965. Despite his many problems with drugs and the concussion he suffered in 2006 from falling out of a coconut tree, Keith Richards continues to tour. “I can't retire until I croak,” he confided to Life magazine in 2010.  ... See more See less